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About us

PowerInverters.com was first established in 2002 as company specializing in the installation of Power Inverters for home use. We provide each of our clients remarkable customer service and a complete range of products to meet all their power inverter needs.

The main use of a power inverter is to take battery power (DC power) and convert it to regular power for your electronics/appliaces (AC power). You do this by connecting battery cables from the inverter to your battery and then you are able to plugin your components directly into the power inverter. The usual output voltage might range from 105-115 and sometimes a bit lower if your inverter has a small load on it.

Inverters will specify whether they are 12v or 24v. For 24v, you can use multiple 6v or 12v batteries to get to that voltage. For 12v, you can use for instance regular car batteries or deep cycle batteries and connect as many as you want in a 12v setup. The more batteries you have, the more capacity you will have. The capacity of the battery is usually referred to in AH. A regular car battery will have approximately 80-100AH.

To protect your power inverter, you could put fuses on your positive cable(s). This can be purchased at almost any car parts store, or a hardware store that sells items related to batteries or cables. A lot of these stores might sell batteries as well, some popular ones being deep cycle, marine, golf cart, 8d, machinery batteries. Some might be 6v, some might be 12v, but you can connect the batteries in series or parallel to add more batteries.

Most electronics such as fridges, microwaves, kettles, pots, power tools, lights, fans, compressors, freezers, TVs, sump pumps, etc.. will work fine with Modified Sine Wave. Other items, such as medical equipment, sensitive electronics (monitoring boards) will require pure sine wave. Briefly, the difference between modified and pure sine, are the output waves that are produced. Otherwise, they do basically the same functions.

The last important thing to consider when purchasing a power inverter is, how do determine what size inverter someone will need. Please look at the guide for more details, along with the power specs of your equipment as well. It is always better to get a larger inverter, so you have more buffer and to make sure your inverter lasts longer.

Always feel free to call our toll free number and a customer service agent can assist you in determining the right inverter for you.



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